An Alliance for
Information Sharing

Mitigate Risk

We engage in cross -sector collaboration with industry stakeholders sharing information as a weapon against cyber threats and losses.

Mitigation Tools

Protect against reported risk activities and stolen credentials marketed on the dark web.

Solutions For Intelligent Decisions

Our tools provide insight to protect your organization and the consumer.

Compromised Credential List

Identify “At Risk” credentials exposed by breaches or marketed on the dark web.

  • Track Compromised Credential List trend reports evaluating high -risk indicators.
Universal Risk List

Cross sector collaboration of contributed reports of bad actor fraudulent activity.

  • Risk List Alerts
  • Track Risk List trend reports evaluating high -risk indicators.
Enterprise Services

Access options through our Dashboard and Real-time API.

  • API services to build customize business rules to suit your needs.
Incident Reporting

Stakeholder's secure mechanism to contribute, receive and respond to critical reported
incidents provided by Partners, cyber threat intelligence, and Law Enforcement.