We gather COMPROMISED credentials from the deep and dark web, giving you a central place to access this data to save you time and money and reduce fraud.

What Compromised Delivers

COMPROMISED contains a unique aggregate of breached credential data, including zero-day breaches, from both underground and surface markets, benchmarking the vulnerability level of users that have been breached while protecting personal information.

John Doe - New Customer


Matched: john.doe@emailaddress.com
Most Recent Exposure: 7/2/2018
Number of Exposures Found: 4
Associated Exposed Attributes:


Use our database or integrate with our API to evaluate a customer's exposure. Search by:

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(aka Business Email Compromises)

Employees use their company-issued email addresses to sign up for various tools and services online. If one of those tools or services has a data breach, your employee's email and password can be sold on the dark web without your knowledge. The damage can be extensive and the cost to you can be great. Read our recent Case Study we did with a large national law firm. Be alerted if any of your employee email addresses are exposed. Sign up and start within minutes!

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Hacked Employee Email

Get alerted when employees' credentials are exposed on the deep and dark web.

Account Takeover

Identify and prevent the use of compromised credentials at account login.

New Account Fraud

Integrates into your existing fraud prevention rules at account creation.

Authorized Push Payments

Real-time access to stolen identities and confirmed bad actors can prevent APP fraud.

Synthetic Identities & Identity Theft

Intelligent risk scoring to identify and prevent fraud through stolen and synthetic identities.

Credit Card Application Fraud

Prevented in real time by verifying if and when an applicant's PII was compromised.


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