About Us

COMPROMISED is a partnership of organizations including technology, fraud prevention professionals and analysts, cyber forensics professionals, retailers, academia, financial institutions and law enforcement joining forces and resources. Their mutual vision is to use these resources and reinvest in them to protect consumers against cybercrime threats and fraud with the most comprehensive aggregate compromised credential data set in history.

Who We Are

COMPROMISED's holding company and primary investor, Wolfe, LLC, has been a leader and pioneer in online technology business product development for over 20 years with principals and directors who are inventors and patent holders in the FinTech and identity verification fraud prevention space.

Our Partners

COMPROMISED's platform brings together the industry's most comprehensive and unique aggregate of Compromised Risk Intelligence datasets, continually updated and delivered in real-time and is proud to work with industry leaders concentrating on cyber threats.

The NCFTA (https://www.ncfta.net) is a non-profit organization devoted to identifying, mitigating and neutralizing cybercrime threats on a global scale. One of its main roles consists of conducting real-time information sharing and analysis with Subject Matter Experts in the public, private and academic sectors. In this way, the organization proactively identifies cyber threats to help partners take preventive measures to mitigate those threats. Their office locations are in Pittsburgh, PA, New York, NY, and Los Angeles, CA.