Enterprise Level Use

COMPROMISED aggregates credentials leaked and sold on the dark and deep web, used by criminals to perpetrate billions of dollars of fraud and irreparable damage to reputations.

  • Access to breached and Account Takeover (ATO) data
  • Personally Identifiable Info (PII) protected risk scoring of data
  • Real-time access to vet customers

How do you retrieve the data?

The COMPROMISED platform gathers and indexes billions of exposed identities and attributes through partner relationships and by scanning across search engines and documents in multiple languages reviewing social media, un-indexed sites, temporary deep websites like hacker/fraudster forums, zero-day exploits, pastebins, open source databases, p2p sharing sites, internet relay chat (IRC) channels and black market sites.

More than 9 billion records and 15 billion attributes:

  • Updated daily
  • 20 million added weekly
  • Vetted for authenticity

17 potential data attributes, including:

  • Email
  • Password
  • SSN
  • Credit card #
  • Bank info
  • Protected PII

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How do clients access the data?

COMPROMISED can be accessed via API for real-time results or a dashboard for manual reviews.

  • Record look-up with just an email
  • No PLL data exposed
  • Sub-second response
  • All results scored for risk

How is the data scored?

Using more than 9 billon compromised credentials and 15 billion attributes, COMPROMISED's scoring foundation is based on a few simple principals with additional facets to sharpen the accuracy of the results.

  • Date of exposure
  • Number of records found
  • Vulnerability of the exposed data attribute

Universal Risk List

Our Risk List is an aggregate database of individuals (bad actors) who have perpetuated fraud on our enrolled partners based on the following criteria: fraudulently issued chargebacks, excessive or fraudulent refund claims or general high-risk behavior (including ATO, CNP, duplicate malicious account registration and malicious location masking).

  • Real-time shared access to bad actor data
  • PII data is not exposed and contributors are anonymous
  • Data is accessible via API or manual search


Account Takeover

Identify and prevent the use of compromised credentials at account login

New Account Fraud

Integrates into your existing fraud prevention rules at account creation.

Card Not Present

An added layer in the overall decision process in the CNP and OMNI Channel eco-system

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