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  • Massive data breaches have become the norm in today’s world, the Credential Search results provide risk intelligence into the availability of your consumer’s information on underground black markets. Compromised is designed to link associated information and capture each available attribute, then instantly generating a Risk Score to build into our client’s business rules.
  • Compromised’s Information Sharing Partner Network is a growing list of reported Bad Actors contributed to the Risk List. This list is a service to collectively protect all of our participating organizations from fraudsters malicious activities, such as chargebacks, fraudulent refunds, account takeovers, new account fraud.
  • Due to the massive data breaches that have occurred over time, Corporations face a growing vulnerability targeting their C-level and other employees in phishing attacks and account takeovers and ransom exploits. This concerning issue is compounded by their password reuse in both an employee’s personal and professional online presence across multiple sites. Using our Alerts as the first line of defense to identify which employees may be putting their systems and networks at risk of cyber attacks is a critical step to protect their organization.