How It Works

The Compromised platform is a comprehensive tool that quickly and seamlessly integrates into your workflows and systems, to mitigate every vector of online fraud and abuse.

Fast, Flexible & Affordable
Fraud Prevention

Compromised protects consumers and organizations with access to compromised credential intelligence, preventing fraud with speed, accuracy and security.

The implementation is agnostic and can be integrated into your existing solutions, using your own business rules. Use Compromised as a first line of defense to pass or review transactions in real-time or as a support tool to quickly investigate chargebacks, for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Compromised produces accurate results that
reduce revenue loss & drive business growth.

The service transparently passes compromised credential Intelligence in real-time used by Solution Providers to identify potential threats of fraud.

SME's Monitor the Deep Dark Web forums, chatter, and marketplaces locating compromised records from breaches to feed the Compromised Intelligence Engine.

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